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Made had some schooling in Munti Gunung village and then, when he was 10 years old, he started to stay in Kuta with his parents, rather than live in Munti with his grandmother. He spent his days and nights walking the streets with his cousins & friends selling leather straps to tourists. He learnt good, basic English by talking to tourists but was desperate to go to school as he could see the value in getting an education so that one day he could get a job and get off the streets. He did not like getting hassled by the patroli police.

I started to pay his schooling costs in June 2007 and he successfully completed Junior high school in June 2013. Made was ranked number 10 out of 168 students which is a remarkable effort! Made successfully graduated Year 12 Senior high school in May 2016, the first of the Bali Smiles sponsored children to do so.  He has come to Australia five times and has made many life time friends from his visits. 
A very proud moment. Senior High School Graduatuation Day, May 2016.

I bought Made a car which he uses to run a transport business

Made and Vera’s wedding day, December 2017.
A very happy occasion after being together for 7 years. 

Please contact him for Day Tours, Airport Transfers, Transport, etc.

A week of many Hindu ceremonies at Kuta, being Vera's village, and in Vera’s new home village of Munti Gunung, as she is now part of her husband’s community.

The gorgeous Putu Luna Aprilia was born on April 30th 2017

Thank you to those who donated $ to pay for an emergency ceasarian, to keep both mum and bub alive. Health care in a 3rd world country has its challenges

Putu did not enjoy her first midnight trip to McDonald's when we were all hungry  LOL

She much pefers a Western style local bakery.

August 2018 Made and Vera began employment as Managers/cleaners/maintenance of Villa Bardo in Seminyak. Thank you so much Emily Stanley for giving them this opportunity.

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