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December 2011.  After spending extensive time in Munti and experiencing their traditional lifestyle, I decided to research which organisations offer health services and outreach programs to the poor in remote areas. I wanted to give the villagers access to some health care that would be of the greatest value to the greatest number of people. I had noted a lot of people had very sore, red eyes and didn’t observe anyone wearing eye glasses. The John Fawcett Foundation, located in Sanur, Bali, was an organisation which would travel to Munti for a 3 day field trip for free eye health screening, education and cataract surgery. The cost to sponsor this program is $2,000 which was raised by staff and students of St.Michael's Grammar, Melbourne. As a result in December 2011, the villagers and school children of Munti Gunung had their eye sight tested, cataract surgeries were performed as needed and spectacles & eye ointments distributed. 

REPORT - December 8th, 2011.  Munti Gunung - Eye Screening 
Approximately 250 people had their eyes checked: 80% were given antibiotic eye drops for minor eye infections 60% were given magnification glasses 20% were fitted with prescription spectacles 7 people were cataract blind 5 people underwent surgery in the mobile clinic 4 operations were 100% successful, one patient had complications but his sight was improved.

  Worried faces before the pure joy of being able to see again!


 The funds raised from the 'POZZIBLE CROWD FUNDRAISING' campaign will enable a new home to be built for these elderly grandparents. They struggle with finances since there son was killed in a motorbike accident a few years back. They now care for the surviving grandson. The sons’ in Bali families are responsible for looking after their parents in old age, while daughters upon marrying, go to the village of their husband.