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After spending the month of April 2014 in Bali, I came across a few disturbing scenarios, one being the lack of food for families in some of Munti’s most isolated hamlets. So much so that a family of 7 whom had not eaten for 3 days, were eating salt, as that was all they had. I put together an initiative of feeding these poor families in desperate need. It costs AU$28 a month to buy a 25kg sack of high quality rice at the Munti market, this will feed a family for 3 -4 weeks. It is so hard to comprehend that on this holiday island of luxury villas and resorts, Balinese citizens can't afford food. The rice is motorbiked up the mountain to the hamlet of Keladang where these poverty stricken villagers live and then collected from the Bali Smiles Health Clinic.  There are many, many more families in need if anyone is interested, please contact me.

Currently 23 families are receiving rice and some of their homes are photographed below:

1. The Landuh Family is SPONSORED by Greg Davis
2. Komang Family is SPONSORED by Lauren & Ben Graetzer
3. Sari Cousin Family is SPONSORED by Tamara Davis
4. Kadek Rina Tim Tim Family is SPONSORED by Janina Lear & Dabkowski family members
5. Wayan Durr Family is SPONSORED by Judith and Tomm Vigushin
6. Wayan and Ketut are SPONSORED by Andrea Woolnough
7. Wayan Ngidep Family is SPONSORED by Jennie Holmes Williams
8. Made Kebek Family is SPONSORED by Emily Stanley
9. Wayan Misi Family is SPONSORED by Jasmine Erwvin
10. The Astawe Family is SPONSORED by Carol and Chris Ervin
11. Ketut Leiput is SPONSORED by Jodi & Olivia Pritchard & Family
12. Linda and Ketut are SPONSORED by Helen Spiller
13. Putu Suchi is SPONSORED by Sarah Herd
14. Komang Macan family is SPONSORED by Michelle O’Leary 
15. Kentel Family is SPONSORED by Kylie and Brad Simmons 
16. Bungsing wife is SPONSORED by Marita Gunn 
17. Komang BECIK is SPONSORED by Clementine Praud
18. Embon is SPONSORED by Susan Rowan  
19. Made & Kelly and Chelsea is SPONSORED by Krys Joanne Higgins 
20. Gede Nyepi Dadong is SPONSORED by Emily Woolnough and Bel Ingliss
21. Wayan and Made are SPONSORED by Jane
22. Sekar is SPONSORED by Jane Botica-Jones 
23. Paula and Ketut is sponsored by Erin Campbell