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A large proportion of children selling bracelets on the streets of Kuta come from far away villages in the Karangasem regency, where Munti Gunung village is located. The families in Munti live in extreme poverty with limited to no employment opportunities. Members of the families rent cheap rooms in the back street slums of Kuta, while trying to find work and send some money home.  A way to break this poverty cycle is through education.

To date, August 2019, there are twenty five children (13 boys & 12 girls) with Australian sponsors who are attending school in the Kuta area. Currently, the 27 sponsored children range from Kindergarten to Year 9 at Junior High School. All the families with sponsors are extremely grateful that their children have the chance to go to school, as education costs are beyond their means and they themselves didn’t get the chance to go to school. These kids’ childhood memories won’t be one of roaming the streets of Kuta Beach at all hours of the day and night, selling trinkets to tourists, running from the Patroli Police and suffering physical and emotional abuse when caught.

 School is Monday to Saturday mornings, often two sessions a day with subjects typically studied; Bahasa Indonesian, Bahasa English, Bahasa Japanese, mathematics, Agama Hindu religion, history, biology and sport, art, Balinese music, dance are Saturday morning activities.
The cost to sponsor a child to attend kindergarten and primary school level is on average $400 a year and a little higher for High School. Junior and Senior High at a good private school is around $550 - $600.

Of course people want to know that all the money they give will actually get to the child, and be spent on the child's education and not for other purposes. Importantly, sponsors using Bali Smiles need to know that the child gets 100% of the money given.  Any sponsor who is in Bali is encouraged to visit with their sponsor family, as they really do want to personally thank and get to know the people who have changed the direction of their childs' life.

Below: Giving the gorgeous, always smiling, Gede his school money pictured with his mum and brother in June 2019. He is going into class 3. His family is so grateful and his mum said "My dream is maybe Gede can finish high school too and then work in a hotel, and not ask for massage and transport like his mum and dad do because we have no school in Munti".
Photos of some sponsored Children:


1. Jo, Bob & Jacob Almond
2. Marnie Higgins
3.Lauren & Ben Gratzier 
4. Andrea Dennet
5. Judy Hose
6. Jodie & Olivia Pritchard
7. Jennifer & Stuart Ferguson
8. Janine & Hamish Lonsdale 
9. Ron & Helen Carter
10. Joanne & Sophie O'Leary
11. Jan Egan
12. Jacquie & Brett Abbott
13. Maddie Crust
14. John & Denice Schlank
15. Greg & Jill Pender
16. Leanne & Craig Steen
17. Arek & Greg
18. Mandy & Mark Kennedy
19. Jill & Murray Hancock
20. Jannine & John Haniver
21. Jane Farr
22. Genief Pilkington & Family
23. Julia Chukwuani and students at Westminster School, Adelaide
24. Kate Kroeger
25. Bec Pearson